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Spare time

Those are the two words that I would love to hear right now but unfortunately January has been a little busy here at The Other Monkey house.  We’ve been busy at work generally, I’ve been busy with knitting and suddenly from out of the blue, someone has offered me freelance work. Well, who can say no?

So, in order to drive the January blues away I’ve been drawing like crazy at night while still trying to fit reading a fabulous novel in, the “sequel” to Pride and Prejudice.  I am a very big fan of Pride of Prejudice and read the book once a year just to meet Darcy again.  I do love Mr Darcy so.  A colleague at work has lent me this book, which is about Lizzy and Darcy’s married life.  Who can resist?

I started reading the book last night and it’s um, graphic in some detail.  I was blushing on behalf of Jane Austen.  If Jane were alive, I do not think she would be pleased with some of the turns of phrase but overall, so far, this has been quite an eye-opener for me.  I always wondered if Darcy’s aloofness will melt with marriage. 

I hope everyone one is well and if you have parked the car, like Charlotte recently, may you find some of your energy soon.


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