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Baking Mojo

So, what do you bake when the Baking Mojo comes over for one single day?  Well, when it coincides with your monthly Stitch and Bitch, you bake something savoury like Nigella’s  Savoury Onion pie (From her How to be a Domestic Goddess book)… delicious and also good in making you think that at least you’re having something lunch-like before you eat something sweet like peanut butter choc chip cookies, blueberry muffins and victoria sponge cake.  Aaah, feeling my hips get wider just thinking about all that food.    There was no time to take photo’s, we tucked in a little to quickly for that. 

Overall, it was a good stitching session, we mulled over which patterns to use, knitted and finished off some projects and finally felt the weight of the week drop away.  If I could bottle that very relaxed and happy feeling, I would be very rich indeed.


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