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This post is a little late as we went to the Bath Christmas market last Friday but there you go, proof that time flies and sometimes not everything gets done.  Well, first of all, I would like to say that Bath is on my list of places to live.  It’s a beautiful city with wonderful architecture, lovely restaurants and a bustling high street that has all the usual high street stores but there is a big enough ratio of quirky small stores to keep you entertained.  But since I am not the only person that finds Bath attractive, the house prices are a little out of our reach.  This doesn’t stop a person from dreaming though, so I’ll carry on doing that (it’s free.)  Here’s a picture of the sunset that day…


The Christmas market was packed with many stalls of quaint gifts and ideas to give to friends and family but I tend to gravitate towards the food stalls more (what a surprise).   Whenever R and I pass a cheese stall we always, always have to taste test since we are firmly in the ‘I heart cheese’ side of the things.  We were incredibly lucky to find a company that was not only generous with their taste-testing portions but were friendly and welcoming as well.

We bought nothing but cheese after a morning in Bath, which I think says a lot for the cheese and not much for our staying power in crowds.  The Snowdonia Cheese Company has a range of cheddars with different flavours, my favourite being ‘Pickle Power’ which has a lovely taste of strong cheese and pickled onion, perfect with some home made bread on the weekend. R preferred the ‘Amber Mist’ truckle which is mature cheddar laced with whiskey, I think the Irish in him loves the idea of cheese and whiskey together.

We loved the cheese so much that we ordered some more online and will be handing some out to friends as a small gift for Christmas, I hope they are cheese fans!



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