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For another project.  Yes, my to-do list is growing and growing.  Now I just have to sit down and do something rather than accumulate stuff.


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I have been looking forward to the Knitting and Stitching Show since my friend M pointed it out and said that we just had to go.  We promptly bought our tickets and then spent many days emailing each other with many exclamation marks dotted between ‘excited’ and ‘can’t wait’.

The show was held at Alexandra Palace which had the most beautiful views, a grand staircase leading to the entrance and was filled with many happy crafters.  To be honest, has anyone met an unhappy crafter yet?

I came away with my head filled with ideas and hankering after more tools, fabrics and yarns to make more things.  Luckily I went with 2 friends and no partners or else the testosterone might have put a dampener on our spending and gabbing and cooing over the most beautiful yarns and fabrics under one roof.  Next year, I’ll better prepared and go with bigger bags and more cash.   Here is my loot and no, I can’t wait to begin the winter projects either.

We’ll start with the small but essentially cute needleholders which ensure that my knitting won’t unravel itself.  Although, to be honest, the way the jersey is going right now, the stitches might as well just walk themselves out the door.

These are two magnetic needleholders.  The whale has a lovely design over its body and will be going to live in my Mom’s sewing box while Mr Froggie will just have to make himself at home with me. 

Found this wonderful stall that sold easy-to-sew skirts that provide the instructions, lining, thread as well as a zipper with the cloth.  All-in-one, what a fantastic idea!

The leaf button will be joining the cherry-red yarn to soon become a scarf/cowl for me, inspiration taken from Flint Knits.

And finally, the happiness bubbled over when we turned a corner and saw a huge pile of yarn on sale.  Imagine a hill of yarn with a lot of murmuring ladies anxiously gathering all the wool they can.

The wool pictured above will be turning into a lovely soft fleecy blanket, hopefully 20 balls of yarn will cover it as I couldn’t carry anymore home with me.

If you haven’t managed to get round there this year, I highly recommend that you try next year, well worth the tired feet.

Hope everyone had a wonderful sunshine weekend.

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Even though we have just finished having the summer bank holiday weekend, September is just around the corner.  For some reason this year I am really looking forward to the end of August, maybe it was because these past couple of months have been a bit inconsequential.  Warm and wishy-washy and then cold and breezy the next minute.

Autumn is my favourite time of year, the leaves turning their golden colours, seeing the sky brighten to an intense blue (on the good days!).  So for my favourite time of the year, I need my favourite spot. 

Sitting next to Rossi, knitting my Project and leaning against my quilted cushion.   Yes, the cushion cover in the background of the picture was sewn by me!  I was inspired by the autumn colours that will soon appear and luckily it didn’t take me to long to make.  My patience threshold was a bit short this past weekend. 

Since I have managed to conquer the quilted cushion cover another sewing project is brewing in my mind. A quilted duvet cover for our bedroom.  So, my list of project ideas seems to have grown yet again;

  • Jersey (‘P’ for Project) – 19% done
  • Scarf for either my mom or sister-in-law – 10% done
  • Quilted duvet cover – idea stage
  • start finding ideas for Christmas (I know it’s early, but it’s already on my mind).

So, it seems yet again, I have created quite a list of to-do’s for the colder months this year. I just need some hot chocolate with Bailey’s and I am ready.

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‘P’ is for Project.

My family is a family of knitters, quilters, embroiderers and cooks.  When I was in school these skills were seriously uncool, why on earth would you want to create something from scratch?

Luckily I finally realised how talented and creative you have to be in order to do half of the things that my mom and her sisters seem to do with ease.  Before my mom came for a holiday last year I asked whether she could teach me to knit and sew.  Deep silence on the other end of the phone and then a sudden gasp of ‘finally! she has seen the light and is coming over to our side!’  So, there we were in autumn last year with huge knitting needles and some colourful wool, deep cherry red for me and a burnt yellow-green for my mom. We sat on the sofa casting on, knitting, chatting, laughing and watching cooking channels on the TV.  I made fingerless gloves, which were surprisingly easy to make for a newbie like me, my own thick wool scarf for winter and one for hubby, R, even though he doesn’t like scarves.  But, hey, when you are in the knitting zone, you’re in the zone.

That time with my mom was one of the best holidays that I had with her as we connected as mother and daughter, as friends and as knitting and sewing buddies.  I will always be grateful to her for having the patience to show me all these new skills in a very short space of a 3 week holiday.  That woman has the patience of a saint.

One of the best days out in the October holiday was going to the Liberty store in London, I fell instantly in love with the palace of fabulous things.  If I could move in, I would.  So many floors dedicated to beautiful things, beautiful things that I could not help but paw and drool over whenever I passed something that was a jewel-like colour or a texture that was just crying out to be felt.  We found the floor where they sold material and all things knitting-orientated which was just heaven, found a book with this pattern in and I just had to have it. 
The picture that is with the post today is my Project, I have to put it with a capital ‘P’ as this is the one, the pattern that I loved in Liberty. It’s been pretty slow going since I started it in December 07 but my concentration span is shorter with this project.  As the pattern is complicated I have to mark off every time I have knitted a stitch.  I have also found that if I knit more than 4 rows at a time, something is bound to go wrong and I have to undo a couple of rows.  So, I am taking it slowly and hoping that it will be finished next year.  Yes, I know that next year is 6 months away but I am trying to be realistic here as I know that I will have to call my mom every time the pattern changes.  I am slightly worried about the increasing and decreasing on the same row, how on earth am I going to remember to do that?

Off to knit some rows, have a great weekend everyone!

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