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Baking Mojo

So, what do you bake when the Baking Mojo comes over for one single day?  Well, when it coincides with your monthly Stitch and Bitch, you bake something savoury like Nigella’s  Savoury Onion pie (From her How to be a Domestic Goddess book)… delicious and also good in making you think that at least you’re having something lunch-like before you eat something sweet like peanut butter choc chip cookies, blueberry muffins and victoria sponge cake.  Aaah, feeling my hips get wider just thinking about all that food.    There was no time to take photo’s, we tucked in a little to quickly for that. 

Overall, it was a good stitching session, we mulled over which patterns to use, knitted and finished off some projects and finally felt the weight of the week drop away.  If I could bottle that very relaxed and happy feeling, I would be very rich indeed.


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Spare time

Those are the two words that I would love to hear right now but unfortunately January has been a little busy here at The Other Monkey house.  We’ve been busy at work generally, I’ve been busy with knitting and suddenly from out of the blue, someone has offered me freelance work. Well, who can say no?

So, in order to drive the January blues away I’ve been drawing like crazy at night while still trying to fit reading a fabulous novel in, the “sequel” to Pride and Prejudice.  I am a very big fan of Pride of Prejudice and read the book once a year just to meet Darcy again.  I do love Mr Darcy so.  A colleague at work has lent me this book, which is about Lizzy and Darcy’s married life.  Who can resist?

I started reading the book last night and it’s um, graphic in some detail.  I was blushing on behalf of Jane Austen.  If Jane were alive, I do not think she would be pleased with some of the turns of phrase but overall, so far, this has been quite an eye-opener for me.  I always wondered if Darcy’s aloofness will melt with marriage. 

I hope everyone one is well and if you have parked the car, like Charlotte recently, may you find some of your energy soon.

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Found it!


I finally found my Christmas cheer!  It was hiding under some flour, a day baking with a friend and mulled wine.

I hope everyone has wonderful time this Christmas and may you get everything you wish for.  If you are not one for New Year’s resolutions but want to start off with an intent to do something better (whatever that may be), may I suggest that you read this post from Christine Kane.  I haven’t decided what my word is going to be yet but I am sure I will figure out in the next few days.

Merry Christmas!








P.S. and here is a picture of Frankie, upset that we disturbed his sleeping place…

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Family matters


I received a wonderful gift in the post the other day.  My mom and aunt decided to make each girl in the family a Christmas table runner for our tables this year.  What a wonderful idea, knowing that in the various parts of the world on one day of the year we will each have something to remind us that family matters.  That no matter how far you are away from loved ones, someone is thinking about you.  So, thanks Marmie and Auntie Alta, you made this girl feel a lot happier.


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Had one of the weirdest dreams last night, a real humdinger! Usually my dreams are quite intense to begin which end up with me sitting up in bed talking in my sleep and flapping my arms around. Yes, if you ever want a panic attack in the middle of the night, sleep next to me.

Anyway, I digress. So the dream started off with me receiving a cloth cheque through the post addressed to my mom but sent to me and the note that was attached to it (also made of cloth, kind of like calico) informed me that my mom had won a prize and would be receiving £32.00 per week for the next 10 weeks due to winning an advertising competition. Seeing as this was all wrong and that the cheque should have gone to my mom directly, hubby and I decided to go to the advertising company to inform them of this horrendous mistake and try to find out what we can do to solve this.

We got to the office (in an instant, I like dream travelling) it seemed to be the standard government type building, square and depressed. Walking into the building were a group of people, all dressed in black looking serious and importantly chatting to each other while milling around. I whispered to R ‘they’re evil’ and then sat down and waited to be called into the office of the big honcho.

When we were finally called, we walked into an office with the worst carpet ever, 70’s type feel with the light greasy coating that all office carpets usually get when not cleaned to often. The big honcho ended up being a woman who held a baby covered in a terrible red rash, almost like huge boils. She was incredibly helpful, but in that slimy fake way. I picked the baby up and quietly rocked it to sleep while explaining that my mother’s prize money either needed to be sent to her directly or addressed to us so that we can collect everything and pass it on to her when we see her (which, in real life, is February 09 woohooo) Creepy lady agreed, I put the baby down, folded the cloth cheque and preceded to leave the office but no matter how many stairs and levels I climbed down I always ended up on the second floor. Finally realised that in order to leave I needed to make a run for the fire exits and ran down endless corridors, making many turns before seeing the light of the afternoon. Made it outside and slowly woke up to the alarm.

Hmmmm, maybe I ate too much Candy Corn?

And for news in the real world, our laptop has done the final dance of death and we’re currently in negotiation with the bank account to see if we can purchase another one.  Is it a bad thing  that I want one in a nice  pretty colour?

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Ridiculous O’Clock

To some people 5am is a great time in the day, if you are the only one around at the time you get some ‘quiet time’ to get all the niggly bits done, things that need no distraction.  Ever since I was a tiny baby, sleep and I were best friends.  My mom used to tell me stories of how she had to wake me up in order to feed me and I still remember the time as a teenager that I managed to sleep for 16 hours, bliss!  I love my bed and my bed loves me should have been tattoed on my forehead.

Unfortunately, as I got older the time to sleep became less.  My mom leaves for work at 6am due to living about an hour’s drive from Johannesburg and traffic being as jam-packed as possible.  When I started Uni, I had to catch a lift with her and so my mornings started at about 5.30am, my idea of personal punishment.  Now, I live about 12 hours flight from my mom and I have developed a new personal alarm clock, caffeine.  About a year ago I was struggling with sleep and dear R suggested that I cut out caffeine as this might help me, which worked like a treat.  I always drank rooibos tea when I was younger and switched to this permanently.  Recently I have discovered that if I drink any sort of caffeine, I wake up in the early hours of the morning, instantly.  Not even a gradual wakening but an instant, eyes wide open with thoughts rushing through my head instantly- type of thing.  Very irritating to say the least. 

Luckily most restaurants stock decaffeinated drinks and usually this should not be a problem for me but, we’ve been going out for the last couple of days and I have a feeling that someone ran out of de-caff and thought that I wouldn’t notice, ha!  I think I should take every person’s number down that has given me a hot drink and if it causes me to wake up, I’ll call them so we can share the experience together.

Anyway, enough about that, as I am up I might as well be doing something useful like looking at my favourite blogs and watching Pride and Prejudice.

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A thatched cottage.

If I had to say ‘thatched cottage’, it might make you think of a lovely old English cottage with roses in the garden and a gorgeous tabby cat gently cleaning his paws in the calm sunshine.  Unfortunately, ‘thatched cottage’ describes my hairstyle today.  If you look under the dictionary, it will say “frumpy, frizzy unmanageable curls”.

Looking at my hair this morning in the unflattering light was just the last straw (haha) to a frazzled mind.  I used to have incredibly short hair which was easy to style.  Foolishly I have decided to grow it again and fervently promised to long-suffering husband to embrace the curliness of my hair.  It was either that, or he would haul out the prenup and remind me that the small text at the bottom refers to my hair and that ‘you will be calm when growing it’ was set in bold text for a reason.

I have been searching in vain for a hairstyle to appeal to me but I seem to be struggling with finding celebrities out there with curly hairstyles that look natural and fabulous.  I need to find a picture that I can give to my hairdresser as an example without her shaking her head sadly at me.  This will be my mission this week, find one picture of a curly haired celebrity with a style that I would like to emulate.

OK, pessimistic moan over.  If anyone has seen any optimism for sale lately, let me know, wouldya?

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